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Futon bunk beds are great for people that would like to save space and add versatility to their room. The bed can function as a couch in the day and then turn in a bed at night. They look great and so are surprisingly affordable.

There are many different frames to choose from when deciding on a futon bunk bed. There are metal frames, which have a distinct, unique browse them, as well as a wide variety of color choices. There are thousands of wooden framed choices available likewise. It’s just a matter of preference. Although, some people consider the wooden frames to be the best because the slat supports tend to be wider and closer together. This supports the mattress better and is particularly more comfortable. If you just can’t select metal or wood, keep that last tip planned.

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If you plan on using the futon as an actual bed and having it every night, you need to look at spending a little more to get one who is really comfortable. An all cotton mattress or futon is usually heavy some people prefer a poly-cotton blend which is lighter and easier to move around while still providing comfort. One that actually has an inner spring mattress will provide the best support but actually will also cost more. There are many different covers that can be used on a futon mattress. Remember the bottom of the bunk is a regular futon, you can utilize any futon cover and many all futon bunk beds already come with a durable cover that could double as bed covering. So there are options should you need a specific color or pattern to your new futon bed. Futon bunk bed ikea, wood with desk, frame, mattress with stairs.

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