Headboard Made From a Door

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Headboard made from a door. It might be challenging to find just the right sort of furniture for an eclectic home. In many cases, you may end up making your own furniture from salvaged wood or other materials. A door is often overlooked finding salvage materials, but it works exceptionally well when creating quirky furniture. With a handsaw and a few nails, you can transform a well used door into a new masterpiece.

You may have seen headboards made out of upholstered plywood and such, but doors also make excellent backdrops for beds. Stand two narrow doors side-by-side to create a tall, vertical look, or position a door on its side along the head of the bed. A shiny, new finish of paint or stain might be added, or you might decide to leave it looking shabby and elegant for cottage style appeal.

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A solid miniature door could be the perfect way to make a bold statement with a headboard. Paint and let dry. Mount the doorway to the wall with Elmer’s Glue or ornamental brackets. Headboard made from a door, twin headboard made from a door, headboard made from door mats, diy headboard from a door, king size headboard made from a door, headboard made from old door, headboard made from bifold doors.

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