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Stand alone headboard. Contemporary bedroom furniture is designed to maximize space in a modern style house. It not only brings beauty to the bedroom but also causes it to become a wonderful, comfy place to use a peaceful rest. There are many bedroom galleries where you can find the best contemporary bedroom furniture along with a large variety of suitable mattresses, bed sheets, pillow covers and such. What is more, that may find matching contemporary bedroom shelves, headboards, armoires, side tables, desks and many more accessories.

A kind of platform bed that integrates storage space into its design is the Captain’s Bed. As being the name suggests, these beds were originally used in a Captain’s cabin aboard a ship. Due to the lack of space on board a ship, standalone beds were impractical. Simply using a raised platform frame, cupboard space was available under the bed for the Captain to store his own belongings during long voyages. This style is now discovering its way into homes where space is a constraint.

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It is important when thinking about the size bed to fit you, you also consider the type. We have already discussed the idea of built in drawers or a bed, but what about whether you want a fully built bed with a headboard and footboard attached as one, or one with a separate headboard. These will help you decide on the feel of the room too. You could get an iron bedstead for an older themed room, wood for classic longevity, or metal tubing for a modern theme. Stand alone headboard, stand alone bed headboards, stand alone king headboard, stand alone queen headboard, stand alone upholstered headboard.

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