Tall Platform Bed Frame

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Tall platform bed frame. The styles of the platform bed frame reflect today’s contemporary styles of furniture. The platform gets its name due to the way the mattress can be found in the center of the piece. The frame is styled to become low to the ground and may come with or without legs.

The Japanese style is the most popular because it makes excellent utilization of style and space. The pieces are designed in a square shape and can include storage drawers in the base. The contemporary pieces usually include a flat headboard that might curve outward from the rest of the unit.

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You can buy the platform style bed like a traditional piece. The piece can come as a poster style bed that rests on a platform base. The headboard is designed to be more ornate and it has a post with finial at either side. This piece is made of wood and is found in sets with matching dresser and end table. The style of beds that are designed as platforms can come in every size from twin to king. Tall platform bed frame queen, tall platform bed frame king, tall platform bed frame full, tall tatami platform bed frame, extra tall platform bed frame.

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