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Asian platform bed. Before getting swept up in the latest Asian furniture trend and acquire a platform bed, the way to yourself some money now and within the future by following these platform buying tips. Though everyone knows that furniture can vary dramatically in quality, few people know that only some platform beds work with all mattresses. In fact some platform beds even require additional box springs for support. So before you bring home a whole new platform bed make sure you follow these helpful tips and make the ideal selection.

The Slats Story Some platform beds incorporate slats or bars to guide your mattress and some will not. If you own a memory foam mattress, which do to their squared profile look great when used with platform beds, be advised that some memory foam mattress warranties are void if placed close to slats. Not to fear! Just lay down a thin layer of plywood or heavy duty cardboard to defend your memory foam mattress investment. In the event you own a inner spring mattress you may also want to check your mattress warranty or lay down the plywood or cardboard just to be safe. This process is easy all of which will guarantee maximum life for ones mattress.

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Some platform beds come with no slats or platform at all. These bed manufacturers save money on materials in this manner and force you to use an unattractive box spring instead. Box springs are not meant to support your weight without slats and will sag with time. Will not purchase a platform bed without slats or solid platform. Asian platform bed plans, asian platform bed frame sets, asian platform bed with storage.

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