Twin Platform Bed Frame with Storage

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Twin platform bed frame with storage. When you find yourself thinking about purchasing a new bed, you may want to think beyond a mattress and box spring. Platform beds could be the way you want to go when decorating the bedrooms in your home. This bed does not need the box spring because the mattress is supported sufficiently by slats or possibly a horizontal board. They come in nevertheless sizes as traditional beds and look streamlined and are often more attractive to kids as opposed to traditional bed frame.

A twin platform bed is an excellent source of a small child’s bedroom since there are many options to the design of your bed frame. When I was a child, my younger sister had what we called a captain’s bed in her room, which can also be know as a loft bed. It was a bed that was raised high on the ground like a top bunk but underneath it was a wardrobe and a desk area instead of the bottom bunk. This saved a great deal of space, making the room a great play area because three major bedroom furniture pieces were found to be compacted into one.

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Twin platform bed frame with storage. The functionality of the kinds of beds goes beyond saving space. The bed can be a trend by itself because it can be high off of the ground or low to the floor. No longer tied to a rectangular frame, the twin platform bed can be a various shapes. Imagine for instance an oval shape with a adequate space inside to hold a mattress. The extra space, the fact that mattress is not on, may be used as a seating area and underneath can be a various storage spaces such as drawers or hide-away cubby holes.

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